I Don’t Want To Say The Words

24 Jan

Oh God, how badly I don’t want to say the words.  What I would give to not have to write this, to have to tell you that after five months of sitting by the hospital bedside of Captain Snuggles, my dear friend Amy now has to leave there without her son.

Today, the Captain – a brave, tough little boy who touched and inspired so many lives – lost his battle to survive.

The heartbreak and devastation I am feeling at this moment is but a drop in the bucket compared to what Amy is going through.  This is a situation where “Sorry” cannot begin to be enough.

Thank you for all of your prayers, your positive thoughts, the healing vibes you have sent out into the Universe.  Even though Captain Snuggles is no longer with us, your thoughts and prayers did make a difference.  They made a difference to Amy, who drew comfort from knowing that we were out there, rooting for her son.

And who knows: maybe, through our collective efforts, we succeeded in shifting the Universe just enough to give Amy a bit of extra time with baby David.

Amy continues to need lots of prayers, love and positive thoughts.  Maybe, when she has the time to sit down and take a quiet moment, she will feel our love and support, and be uplifted by it, even for a moment.

R.I.P. Captain Snuggles
11 May 2010 ~ 24 January 2011



One Response to “I Don’t Want To Say The Words”

  1. Super Mom Jess January 26, 2011 at 12:28 PM #

    😦 now Captain Snuggles will be her angel. So sorry to hear this news 😦

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