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Put A Banana In Your Ear

27 Jan

My son George has discovered, on YouTube, Charlie the Unicorn.  I do not allow him to watch most of the videos because although they’re animated, not all of them are suitable for kids.  For instance, there’s the one where the two girl unicorns (I assume they’re girls because of the high-pitched voices) tell Charlie that the forest is burning down.  Charlie says, “What about the animals?” and one of the girl unicorns replies, “well, clearly they’re going to burn ali-i-ive.”  At that point, the two girl unicorns inexplicably start arguing with one another, telling each other to “Shut the helllll up”.  Charlie gets fed up and says, “You can both go and shut the hell up.”

These Charlie the Unicorn stories are not only inappropriate for kids, they’re bloody odd.

There is one Charlie the Unicorn video that appeals to me a lot, and that because it’s a song with really strange lyrics.  The context is that Charlie is feeling sad.  Charlie feels sad a lot, and really, who can blame the poor bastard?  Bad stuff happens to him a lot. I mean, he get lured into a dark cave, and then the entrance to the cave gets sealed off.  That would make anyone feel a bit rejected and depressed.

Anyway, in this particular video, Charlie is feeling sad, and some other unicorns try to cheer him up with this uplifting song.  Seriously, who (apart from the perpetually grumpy Charlie) wouldn’t feel their spirits rise with a song telling them to put a banana in their ear?

Have a listen to the song.  Go on, I dare you!

Now try telling me you don’t feel better! I know you’re just dying to be able to print off the lyrics to put on your refrigerator.

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